TopVu® eTag Board and Readers Improves Emergency Response

 Fri, Sep 28th 2018

Underground  mining is considered by many to be a dangerous occupation. Safety is a priority  in underground mines. When a serious accident happens, emergency response for underground mines is much more difficult than other types of environments. The fastest possible response to an emergency is essential to get people to safety and limit the effects of the emergency.

For emergency responses to have any chance of functioning properly, a well thought out and practiced emergency plan should exist together with enough infrastructure and resources to ensure that the plan is operable.


The TopVu® eTAG® board, TopVu® Software and readers is designed for surface and underground use is simple in that we do not change processes or the way things are done. We enhance it with a whole new set of results for mine operators.

Existing “TAG in / Tag out” board are retrofitted or replaced with the TopVu® eTAG® board providing realtime, historical, remote visualization of the board at a click of the mouse on our TopVu® Software . TopVu® tracks the position of personal tags and stores the data into an SQL data base.. Real time and historical information from the data base can be viewed in pre-packaged screens and reports via the TopVu® TopVu® Software or simply accessed in a spreadsheet format. Additional check and balances with the addition of Readers strategically located in the mine (choke points) further enhancing plant safety and emergency response with last known location of personnel, location of qualified Mine Rescue personnel. If an emergency occurs, mine safety and management can quickly access real time information using the TopVu® TopVu® Software and efficiently respond / dispatch resources to assist with the emergency. By strategically positioning TopVu® readers in refuge station, the TopVu® Software can allow you to visualize who is present in the refuge station leaving the communication system available for emergency responders . From the SQL data base, management and health and safety can access personnel qualifications and relevant information allowing them to make informed smart decision . Should the communication system be temporarily not be available, the D-RDR readers will store the data and forward when com is available. The TopVu® eTAG® Board requires no training, no change in processes or worker behavior. The TopVu® TopVu® Software is user friendly . Reports are developed based on your specific needs. TopVu® D-RDR readers are miner installed built for the harsh environment found in mining. This cost effective emergency response solution is affordable to mines of all sizes. The TopVu® tag in board, TopVu® Software and readers also bring additional value to mine operators with improved operational efficiencies including air quality monitoring and asset tracking.