RFID Solutions + TopVu® Software

RFID Solutions

We create customized RFID solutions to promote productivity, safety and accountability in the workplace. A combination of our hardware, software and our desire to increase workplace efficiency has delivered excellent results in a variety of industries.

Oretag And Ore Tracking

OreTag & Ore Tracking

TopVu®’s RFID OreTags are designed to survive the ore circuit. Detectors are located at strategic conveyor belts or free-falling transfer points.

  • Dectect the ore’s origin
  • Monitor ore flow based on time stamps
Etag Board

eTag® Board

It’s often called a smart tagboard, an intelligent tagboard, an electronic tagboard. The eTagBoard becomes a key component in your operation to increase:

  • Safety efficiencies
  • Production efficiencies
  • Documentation efficiencies
  • Mine rescue efficiencies
Etool Dispenser 2

eTool® Dispenser

TopVu® Etool Dispenser works in conjunction with the TopVu® Software and the RFID tags in order to control and monitor equipment, tools, etc. The Etool dispenser also tracks real time and historical information, cutting the costs for lost and damaged equipment.

Track Inventory Status

Track Inventory Status

Assign Permissions

Assign Permissions

Document Inventory History

Document Inventory History

Passive RFID Strips Require No Batteries

Passive RFID Strips Require No Batteries

Software Integration 2

TopVu® Software + Integration

TopVu®’s user friendly interface provides you with a Vu from the top down into your mine. Location data is available from anywhere on your network. Designed for eTag® Board, eTool®, D-RDR/Tracking, and OreTag/Ore Tracking



Alarm Alert Configurations

Alarm/Alert Configurations

Real Time Historical Reports

Real-Time & Historical Reports

View Print Email Reports

View, Print & Email Reports

Rfid Tracking

Tracking & Location Services

TopVu®’s software suite provides you a Vu of your operation.

  • Find your personnel, equipment & material
  • Real-time & historical reports
  • Monitor ramp traffic & analyze haulage activities
  • Checkpoint strategy is effective & most economical
Drdr Dual Reader

D-RDR Dual Reader

  • Active WiFi & passive RFID technology
  • Detect personnel, equipment & material
  • Used for automation or tracking solutions
  • Local inputs & outputs
  • Use with TopVu® software suite
Leaky Feeder Ethernet Fibre

Leaky Feeder, Ethernet & Fibre

Store Forward

Store & Forward

Portable Rfid Solutions

TopVu® Portable RFID Solutions

TopVu® has a variety of hand-held RFID scanners. Our coders can develop software applications to suit your needs.

  • Portable RFID scanning & detection
  • Customized interface to meet your needs
  • Perfect for inventory management
Passive Rfid Tags 2

Passive RFID Tags

  • No batteries to manage
  • No maintenance required
  • Detection range up to 100 ft (30 meters)
Hard Hats

Hard Hats

Safety Vests

Safety Vests





Custom Rfid Solutions 2

Custom RFID Solutions

TopVu® has the expertise to design RFID hardware solutions and develople software to help track & manage your assets.