TopVu® eTag Board and Readers Used to Track Contractors On Site

 Fri, Sep 28th 2018

Underground  mining is considered by many to be a dangerous occupation. Similar to other industry, contractors are essential to the efficient operation of a mine.

Mine X experiences many  operational challenges including the tracking of on site contractors and monthly billings. Mine X receives monthly invoices from a number of different contractors with no true  check and balances  relating to the invoice. Once on site, Mine X have  no processes in place for monitoring the location of the contractors and areas they are accessing while on site resulting in safety and security concerns.


The TopVu® eTAG® board designed for surface and underground use is simple in that we do not change processes or the way things are done. We enhance it with a whole new set of results for mine operators. Supervisors and health and safety.

Existing Contractor “TAG in / Tag out” board are retrofitted or replaced with the TopVu® eTag® board providing realtime, historical, remote visualization of the board at a click of the mouse on our HMI . TopVu® tracks the position of the contractors personal tags and stores the data into an SQL data base. Additionally, contractors are supplied with a high visibility vest which includes RFID tags. Additional options for tracking are also available. By strategically positioning TopVu® D-RDR readers which communicate over existing infrastructure such as leaky feeder, Mine X is able to track the number of contractors ,hours on site, as well as their location. Additional safety measures can also be put in place with denied access to secure areas. The real time and historical data is stored into an sql data base . Visibility and reporting is accessed using the TopVu® HMI. Mine X management and security can access realtime and historical data to assist them in safe and efficient operations of Mine X. Contractor hours on site can easily be checked against invoices further enhancing operational efficiencies. The TopVu® eTAG® Board requires no training, no change in processes or worker behavior. The TopVu® HMI is user friendly . Reports are developed based on your specific needs. TopVu® D-RDR readers are miner installed built for the harsh environment found in mining. This cost effective solution is affordable to mines of all sizes.