TopVu® Readers and Tags for Dispensing and Tracking of Personal Gas Detectors

 Fri, Sep 28th 2018

Underground mining is considered by many to be a dangerous occupation including health hazards. Air quality in some cases may require  mine operators to equip their employees with gas detectors

Mine X is committed to the health and safety of their employees. When  elevated gas levels are identified in an area, Mine X labels  the ‘Tag In / Tag out board” identifying the zone in question. Employees who are scheduled to work in the area are required to wear personal gas detectors. The challenge Mine X faced was that the gas detectors were not always returned at the end of the shift. The gas detectors were left on the clothes hanging in the dry instead of being charged for next use. In some cases, the detectors were forgotten and brought home with the work clothes  and washed. The average gas detector cost  in excess of $350.00 dollars per detector. Mine X was determined to reduce the cost related to the replacement of these gas detectors.


TopVu® Mine Hardened D-RDR Reader, TopVu® Software, tags for Gas detectors, tags for hard hat were integrated as part of a solution to solve this challenge at Mine X. A dispenser equipped with readers was custom built for this application. When gas detectors are returned at the end of the shift, they are inspected for damage and put back into inventory and charged in the dispenser . When an employee approaches the door where the gas detectors are located, TopVu® data base firstly identifies if this employee has the required training for the detectors. If the answer is yes, door access opens and the employee can remove a personal gas detector. The gas detector is removed from inventory and directly assigned within the database to the employee. If the gas detector is not returned within a predetermined amount of time, a notification is issued to the safety personnel tasked with the management, inspection and calibration of the se gas detectors. Once returned, the gas detectors are inspected, scanned and returned to inventory and charged in the dispenser until they are required. Mine X succeeded and reduced their cost of managing the detectors. Mine X also have the base infrastructure to expand to include the TopVu® eTag board and D-RDR for improved safety should they wish to . The TopVu® eTag Board requires no training, no change in processes or worker behavior. The TopVu® TopVu® Software is user friendly. Reports are developed based on your specific needs. TopVu® D-RDR readers are miner installed built for the harsh environment found in mining. This cost effective solution is affordable to mines of all sizes.