eTag® Board

RFID Solutions + TopVu® Software

Worker Tagging Into Etag Board

eTag® Boards

  • Modular & scalable hardware
  • Horizontal or vertical eTag® boards
  • Physical tagboard becomes backup during extended power outages
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  • RFID eTag® associated with worker profiles
  • No change of tagboard procedure
  • Real-time view & historical records
  • Digitize the tagboard and automate your business rules
Watchdog Alarm 2

Watchdog Alarms

Proactively alerts users when there is an error of tagging procedures. Alarms are triggered and e-mail advisories can be sent.

Some examples include:

  • If a tagger is detected underground without tagging in
  • If a tagger is detected leaving the property without tagging out
  • If a tagger is not present while his/her eTag® is added/removed from eTag® Board
“I really like the TopVu® approach of not changing existing tag in board, simply upgrade it to make the information available to safety, production and operations.”
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